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Magna выбирает T-Systems для обслуживани и модернизации своих информационных и коммуникационных систем

T-Systems will operate ICT for 80 Magna units around the world.

Monthly SAP operating costs with flexible IT substantially improved.

Cloud services from T-Systems’ high-security data center in itsT-Center.

Today the central challenges facing the automotive industry are ever shorter life cycles for vehicle models and ever greater demands made on the car itself. A decisive factor in successfully meeting these challenges is a lean, logical information and communication infrastructure for directly integrating more complex and global supply chains into production. To help it enjoy such ICT infrastructure, Magna - an automotive supplier with global operations - chooses T-Systems to operate and modernize its IT, networks and applications. 

From now on Magna will be getting its applications "from the cloud". With dynamic cloud services Magna can quickly book or cancel IT resources for its systems at all locations around the world as required, meaning that the automotive supplier will only use and pay for what it actually needs. 

"In our industry, new locations but also M&A are the order of the day", says Alexander Stamm, IT director of Magna Exterior & Interior. “For us, this also means that we can rapidly end up with a proliferation of different environments. T-Systems has shown that it is a company with an "automotive gene" that is well-suited to us, offering above all uncomplicated, solution-oriented thinking", Stamm continues. "Today we are in a position to completely connect a new location with all its users and systems in just a few weeks - that’s amazing! And, through flexibilizing our IT we have been able to significantly reduce the cost of our basic monthly SAP operation", Stamm adds.

From its Vienna T-Center, T-Systems operates around the world80 units of Magna’s Exterior & Interior division, using uniform standards and virtual environments. To achieve this, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary has simplified and reduced a variety of different system landscapes and SAP environments as well as various different database combinations and service level agreements of the automotive supplier. "Magna and we simply go well together. We both support our customers, striving constantly to optimize and innovate. And with the current topic of "Connected Driving", we will in the future have even more things in common and ways of complementing each other", chimes in Ulrich Meister, a member of the T-Systems Board of Directors and Head of Systems Integration.

With 350 million vehicles in Europe alone, Deutsche Telekom sees considerable sales opportunities in this field.