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Orange стал основным игроком в европейской программе развития интернета будущего

France Telecom Orange has announced that it will be taking part in a number of projects resulting from a European initiative on the Internet of the future (PPP FI). The Group, which is involved in five of the eleven chosen projects, is a key player in this Public Private Partnership, which was launched on 3rd May 2011 in Brussels.

The aim of this cooperative research initiative, which began in September 2009, is to prepare for the future evolution of the Internet and the important role it plays in the daily life of European citizens. It will last from 2010 to 2015 and is made up of several phases, the first of which includes 11 projects.
The initiative is based on a global approach to the Internet of the future covering its probable future uses (e-healthcare, e-education, smart networks, smart towns, smart transport...) and involving the creators of solutions (players from IT, telecoms and media), to look for the best fit between technical advances and future demands.

France Telecom Orange is taking part in the following projects during the initial phase - "Outsmart", services for towns and local authorities, - "Instant Mobility", smart transport of people and goods in towns, - "Finseny", concerning the management of electrical power (Smart Grids), - "FI-content", content management: audiovisual, games, culture and education, - "FI-Ware", the program's central project, concerning the technological framework and the evolution of the Internet brought about by changes in usage.

The current enthusiasm shown by customers for new digital uses opens the way to the development of a new ecosystem with higher expectations in terms of quality of service, pricing, security and flexibility, as well as ease of use and access. As an operator of services with a constant eye on quality, openness, interoperability and security, France Telecom Orange is adapting its research and development programs to address the challenges represented by the digital revolution.

Thanks to its major presence in the European research ecosystem, the Group has been a driving force behind the creation of this initiative. The program demonstrates its commitment to innovation on a European scale and its desire to support the European Commission with the implementation of the Digital Strategy for Europe.

All of these projects will be undertaken in partnership with the major European ICT manufacturers: Alcatel-Lucent, ATOS, Deutsche Telekom, Engineering, Ericsson, France Telecom Orange, IBM, Nokia Siemens Network, SAP, Siemens, Technicolor, Telecom Italia, Telefonica and Thales. Also closely involved are more than 50 manufacturing companies which are Internet customers, over 20 European cities and a part of the world of academia. The total investment in the first phase of the initiative represents € 180 million, split into equal shares between the European Commission and the rest of the partners. The final total investment in the initiative will be approximately € 600 million.
The FI-content project was launched on 5th April at Technicolor in Issy-les-Moulineaux. The Instant Mobility and Outsmart projects were officially launched respectively on 11th April in Nice, in the presence of the Mayor, Christian Estrosi, and in Grenoble at Orange Labs. The Finseny project was launched in Munich on 2nd May. The PPP FI initiative's central project, the FI-Ware project was launched 3rd May in Madrid at the Telefonica premises.